Getting Started

First of all the most important thing is to understand what can frontendcore do for you. We know that there are several choices in the market (Bootstrap, foundation) so what's the reason to be of Frontendcore?

What is Frontendcore?

The idea behind Frontend Core is pretty simple: create a framework providing the most common components and a standard architecture for today and tomorrow. Frontend Core doesn’t reinvent CSS or JS techniques it just adapts some ideas pretty know for all the experts of the each area:

All this staff is just theory and when you try to combine all you will find that there is a to of work in front of you. That’s what Frontend Core can do for you, translate the “ideal” way of work to the real world.

But Frontendcore can do even more for you because provides a huge list of objects, components and plugins ready to use in your projects. Everything is customizable and 100% responsive.

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