CSS Header mobile

Set this object at the begining of your body. Here in this demo, the position is set to relative, but by default the position is set to fixed so it will be always in the top

How to show a different header in mobile or desktop

Remember to add the class .mobile or .tablet to this object if you only want to show this menu on mobile devices or tablets. You can also define another header with the .desktop class (shown only on desktop devices).

	                <header class="header-mobile">
	<div class="header-mobile-container">
		<nav class="header-mobile-buttons-left">
			<a href="#" class="button"><i class="icon-align-justify"></i></a>
		<a title="Frontend Core" href="#" class="logo"><img src="/static/img/frontendcore-small.png" class="va-m" alt="FRONTEND CORE" /></a>
		<nav class="header-mobile-buttons-right">
			<a href="#" class="button"><i class="icon-user"></i></a>